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What happens if I lose my ticket?

We give customers a white ticket with the job number and details of the work required for each garment. If this gets lost we can ask you for your phone number so we can match up the job you’ve come to collect. We would ask you to sign the store copy which tells us the garment has been picked up.

Can someone else pick up on my behalf?

Yes, if you can give them your copy of the ticket, it’s no problem.

Do you open on bank holidays?

Yes – they usually fall on a Monday, but we are open Friday holidays as well.

Do you open on Sundays?

Sorry, no.

If I’m getting married when should I be fitted for my dress?

We recommend two weeks before the wedding, as brides usually lose a little bit of weight in the build-up to the big day. But if your timescale is tighter we can usually get the dress ready in a few days.

How much will it cost?

It’s best to ask for a quote as the price can vary. It depends on the length and width of the hem, the number of layers of fabric, the structure of the bodice, and whether there are any embellishments – lace, beads, sequins, etc.

What if I am a bridesmaid?

The same applies to bridesmaids, flower girls, mothers-of-the-bride etc.

Do I need to make an appointment?

If the structure of the dress is complicated, or you need complex alterations, it’s best to call in advance and let us know you’re coming.

What happens if I take my garment home, try it on and the alteration is not suitable?

For more complex alterations, we recommend trying the garment on in the shop so we can check the fit on the customer. Where this is not possible, you can of course try it on at home and bring it back if you are not satisfied.

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